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BMSC Global

BMSC Global is founded by a dynamic team of business development experts based in Midlands, the manufacturing excellence hub of the UK. With years of experience within international markets, it provides solutions for business expansion needs.

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What we offer?

We are a marketing and sales consultancy company, serving oversea businesses to expand in the UK. Services we offer ranges from network creation up to full scale of outsourced sales activities.

With extensive knowledge and years of experience within international markets, we provide solutions for business expansion needs.

What makes us unique is our reliable service and extensive local knowledge that we share with our customers. Our team of experts understand the needs of our clients, harmonised them with the expectations of end customers in the UK and provide a customise solutions according to these needs. As a company, we are striving for excellence in everything we do.

How We Work?

Our UK based sales and marketing team interacts with the consumers while our project management teams is working very closely with our oversea clients at their locations. This enables us to manage every steps from production to delivery of goods with total satisfaction for all parties involved.

Why we are different?

We have over 40 years of experience in total within our highly skilled team and are able to provide a range of services to our clients throughout the supply chain, with a specialised focus upon the representation of overseas companies. 

Utilising our extensive network of contacts and relationships, we are able to offer our clients an opportunity to establish or improve a business link to the UK market.

We are able to offer various services to our clients based on their needs and aspirations, ranging from industry specific network creation through to providing a full outsourced service for their marketing needs as we firmly believe there is not a single solution fit for all.