Our Services

Network Creation

We offer to establish long standing relationships and partnerships within the manufacturing sector.

With our extensive network of contacts we can provide you many opportunities to develop your business.

Business Development

We utilize our strong knowledge and accurate market understanding to accelerate your expansion into the market, helping partners smoothly establish their presence, generate business immediately, and optimize their operations.

Company Representation

We provide an efficient and comprehensive company and business representation service with our highly experienced and multi-lingual team of partners and consultants who are very capable of guiding you through local business practices and cultural diversities.

Sales and Marketing Outsourcing

We help our clients when they decide to outsource sales and marketing function as a whole or in part for many different reasons.

Our flexible business proposition will allow our clients to meet their outsourcing needs, ranging from having short term difficulties to overcome to outsource entire sales and marketing on a permanent basis. We can help you improve market penetration, if you have scarce resources or you are a fledgling start up company with little knowledge of sales and marketing.